If you are ‘up to something big’ you’ve probably already realized that the smartest path to your highest potential includes partnering with an expert in executive performance improvement. As you look for a partner in your success – someone to push you, challenge you, and support you, don’t settle for less than an advisor who can also advise you.

Dr. Sandstrom is a C-Level “Advisor.” Unlike most executive “coaches” who focus primarily on theory, motivation and process, she does not shy away from complex business conversation and concrete strategic advice about your day to day challenges and opportunities.

Prior to starting CoachWorks® in 1995, Jeannine launched and led three national management development consultancies focusing on leadership emergencies, strategic plan implementation for merger and acquisition and emerging leader team development. Dr. Sandstrom has also worked with The Prudential, Fidelity Investments, Chase Bank, Anderson Consulting, Puget Sound Energy, ARCO, private brokerage organizations, Merrill Lynch and numerous entrepreneurial and not-for-profit organizations.