Legacy Leadership Book

The Five Simple Leadership Practices
That Transform Ordinary Daily Actions
into Extraordinary, Influential Leadership.

Dear Colleague –

Every company is looking for its next leaders. In the meantime, are you the leader your company desperately needs today?

In today’s globally competitive marketplace, leaders are anyone, not just CEOs –and the success of your company’s initiatives depend upon the success of your collaborative leadership initiatives.

Leadership development doesn’t only happen in a hotel workshop over a long weekend.

Legendary leaders know that genuine leadership development happens during the course of your daily activities, you are developing those around you with every decision you make, and every action you take. You are developing leaders with the text message you broadcast company wide, and the weekly meetings around the boardroom table.

The result of over 20 years in the corporate trenches, Legacy Leadership is the antidote to the slow, painful, and often ineffective leadership development initiatives of yesterday.

In Legacy Leadership, you’ll find out exactly how to become a legacy leader in your own right.

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